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Mending Workshop

Mending Workshop

Join Anna-Marie Janzen of Reclaim Mending and learn some new mending skills. We will cover some basic sewing stitches vital for mending projects, as well as how to patch clothes (including knits), mend tears, and darn your socks! We will also cover how to do visible mending - because why hide your beautiful handiwork?

Students should bring (If possible):

- anything that needs mending (small tears, holes in jeans, knit holes)

- sewing supplies such as needles, and thread

- fabric and/or thread scissors

Provided materials

- needles

- thread

- patching materials

- patching yarn/thread

- hand-outs

Mending Workshop
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My name is Anna-Marie Janzen, I am the owner/operator of Reclaim Mending, a Winnipeg-based clothing repairs and alterations service.

I started sewing when I was 3 years old, at the feet of my grandmother. Years of a love of sewing and mending, and a passion for fair fashion has led me to embark on this journey of small business. My goal is to help people make their clothes last - so we can all reduce our consumption and the strain we put on the planet and on humanity with the fast fashion industry.

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6:00 PM18:00

Introduction to Raising Angrora Rabbits

Introduction to Raising Angora Rabbits

Tuesday, August 28th 6-8pm

St. Vital Park (Winnipeg)

Interested in fibre production and want to start small? Come learn about angora rabbits! These furry fibre friends friends allow urban and rural dwellers alike to produce their own fibre. Angora fiber from rabbits is soft and silky, and much warmer than wool. Learn about basic care and grooming of Angora rabbits and meet AJ an urban dwelling Satin Angora.

Instructor: Bronwyn Turnbull

Bronwyn is an urban dwelling farming enthusiast who does their best to make urban space into both sustainable food and fibre. Bronwyn has knitted for 15 years and got into fibre production after looking for ways to produce fibre in an urban setting. They fell in love with angora rabbits and now have two. They hope to expand their fibre flock (in a rural setting) to include sheep and angora goats.

Intro to Raising Angora Rabbits Workshop
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1:00 PM13:00

Natural Dye Workshop

Saturday August 18, 1:00 - 4:00 pm

Registration fee: $70 includes all materials.

Pembina Hills Arts Centre (352 Stephen Street, Morden Manitoba)

Instructor: Tamara Klassen

Learn to add beautiful colours to natural fibres using  plant dyes in this workshop with textile artist Tamara Klassen. Participants will process samples of cotton, silk, linen, and wool in dye baths prepared with plant material grown in southern Manitoba. You will go home with a journal record of your work and the knowledge to carry on your own dye projects in the future.

Tamara Klassen is a textile artist from Southern Manitoba.  After learning to sew from her grandmother at a young age, she developed a love for textiles early on.  Her work focuses on traditional artisan techniques, learned from her travels around the world, mixed with a modern design aesthetic. Working with predominately natural fibres and plant dyes such as indigo, she creates one-of-a-kind art pieces and home goods using resist-dyeing methods. 

Natural Dyeing Workshop
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2:00 PM14:00

How to Grow your own Natural Dyes

Learn how to start your own dye garden -- which plants provide reliable dyes, how to grow them in our fibreshed, and how to harvest them for dyeing.  Participants will go home with some seeds and plants for their gardens. A follow up workshop in late summer will focus on using home grown dyes on natural fibres.

Sunday May 6, 2018

2:00 - 4:00 pm

Henderson Library (1 - 1050 Henderson Highway, Winnipeg)

Cost: $40 (non members),     $36  (members)

Please bring a notebook and a pen.

How to Grow your Own Natural Dyes
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10:00 AM10:00

Sheep School: How to Start your own Fibre Flock

Have you always wanted to raise sheep? Are you ready to grow your own wool? Or expand your existing farming plans?  This workshop will be a beginner workshop on how to start raising sheep. The workshop will be hands on, at a working fibre farm.

Sunday, April 22 2018

10am - 5pm

Long Way Homestead Fibre Farm  (East of Winnipeg) 

Cost: $65  Member Price     $70   non-member price (light lunch is included)


The workshop will be facilitated by Margaret Brook, Linda Glowacki and Anna Hunter. Business partners Margaret and Linda established Leafhaven Shetlands in 2009 with three shetland ewes and a keen interest in spinning and felting. It has since grown to include nearly the entire Shetland rainbow of fleece colours and patterns and a thriving fibre flock.  Anna Hunter is a first-generation sheep farmer, having only had a sheep farm for 2 years Anna brings the perspective of a new farmer who has had to learn everything from scratch, with the help of mentors, books and lots of mistakes Anna knows first hand what is involved in starting a fibre flock from square one.   This workshop will rely heavily on the Canadian Code of Practise for raising sheep, and other great resources.


The outline for the workshop is:

Flock Considerations (breed, budgets, timing and resources)

Infrastructure (fencing, shelter and handling)

Sheep Basics (feed, health, breeding and lambing)

Shearing and Marketing (getting the most out of your wool)

This cost of course will be a one-day starter course, with resources to take away and utilize for your own flock considerations.

Please bring a pen, notebook, rubber boots (if you live on a livestock farm please wash thoroughly before attending workshop), warm jacket or sweater - we will be outside.

Start your own Fibre Flock Workshop
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